SO Derby Pear Blossoms - Junior Team

The Pear Blossoms junior roller derby league is a progressive, challenging and fun program for female skaters between the ages of 7-17. We teach basic skills to all incoming skaters, which provides the techniques required to play the fun sport of roller derby. After a skater passes their minimum skill requirements, they move into our ongoing full-contact derby program. This program provides skaters with up to two practices per week. They learn new techniques and strategy, work hard to improve endurance on the track, and improve their knowledge of the sport through scrimmages and full-contact drills. Comparatively, SO Derby's Pear Blossoms program is lower in cost than many extra-curricular sports programs. With monthly dues of only $25, the comprehensive program and training our skaters receive is exceptional.


The Pear Blossoms program is a fun, exciting way to foster empowerment and camaraderie in young women and girls. We aim to create an atmosphere that allows our skaters to measure their progress in the sport, celebrate their accomplishments, and elevate their self-esteem through friendship and FUN! The Pear Blossoms practice as often and train as hard as the adult league skaters. They are coached and mentored by veteran skaters and referees who are honored to impart their knowledge and skill training to the up-and-coming future of women's flat track roller derby. The founding skater of the Pear Blossoms junior league wholeheartedly believed that there was a perfect type of girl to play roller derby, and that type is EVERY GIRL!